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WALK AROUND: an innovative project for active and inclusive communities!

The "Walking Around" project is an ambitious initiative that aligns perfectly with the parameters and goals of the European Union's Work Plan for Sport 2021-2024. Focusing on the innovative approach of outdoor sports, particularly Nordic Walking, the project aims to address the challenges that emerged for sports associations during the pandemic, offering an inclusive and sustainable alternative.

Key Objectives of the Project:

  1. Promote the Benefits of Outdoor Sports: The project aims to highlight the advantages of outdoor sports, with particular attention to Nordic Walking.

  2. Transfer New Skills to Coaches: Provide coaches with the necessary skills to effectively lead outdoor sports activities, promoting an innovative approach.

  3. Encourage Sports Associations to Adopt Nordic Workout: Promote the adoption of Nordic Workout as a multidisciplinary practice, combining sports, culture, and environmental sustainability.

Addressed Priorities of the Erasmus+ Program:

  • Inclusion and Diversity: The project promotes outdoor sports, including Nordic Walking, to engage people with fewer opportunities, fostering social inclusion.

  • Environment and Climate Change: Using outdoor sports as a tool, the project promotes environmental awareness and encourages sustainable behaviors, transforming open spaces into accessible "gyms" for everyone.

  • Digital Transformation: The integration of digital technologies into sports programs fosters innovative, engaging workouts across generations, promoting digital skills among participants.

  • Common Values, Civic Engagement, and Participation: Through community involvement in shared design and the promotion of outdoor sports activities, the project supports active citizenship and common European values.

Key Partners:

  1. Romacammina (Italy): A successful example of adapting to outdoor activities, promoting Nordic Walking and innovative Nordic Workouts.

  2. Social Innovation Sports (Portugal): Dedicates its mission to social integration through sports, with targeted programs for migrants and vulnerable populations.

  3. Sportsroom (Bulgaria): A non-profit sports organization that combines sports, training, and innovation for positive social change.

  4. ArtedelContatto (Italy): Focuses on using art and audiovisuals to promote personal growth and innovation.

Project Outputs:

The project envisions the creation of a dedicated website, infographics, social media posts, video tutorials on Nordic Walking techniques, and reports on activities and routes, thus promoting outdoor sports and the multidisciplinarity of Nordic Workout.

In conclusion, "Walking Around" not only aims to revitalize sports activities but also to transform open spaces into contexts for learning, inclusion, and sustainability, contributing to building a more active, healthy, and connected European community.

Note: The WA project is co-financed by the European Union.


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