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Custom Nordic Walking Poles to Portugal and Bulgaria for the "Walk Around" Project 🚶‍

Romacammina, the innovative Italian association pioneering Nordic Walking, is taking a further step to promote outdoor physical activity and social inclusion. They have recently sent custom Nordic Walking poles, named "POLE," with the logos of the "Walk Around" project and the European Commission, to Portugal and Bulgaria. This initiative aims to enhance the activities of two important partners, Social Innovation Sports in Spain and Sportsroom in Bulgaria, enabling them to implement better local events during which Nordic Walking routes will be tested.

But what benefits does this initiative bring to sports associations and the communities involved?

Benefits for Sports Associations 🤝🏋️‍♂️

  • Strengthened Partnerships: This initiative strengthens collaboration between Romacammina, Social Innovation Sports, and Sportsroom, solidifying partnerships among organizations that promote physical activity, social inclusion, and innovation.

  • Access to Quality Resources: Thanks to the custom Nordic Walking poles, the associations receive high-quality tools that enhance the user experience and safety during physical activities.

  • Promotion of Nordic Walking: This initiative will contribute to promoting Nordic Walking as an activity suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, encouraging more people to participate in outdoor activities.

  • Increased Engagement: The use of the logos of the "Walk Around" project and the European Commission on the Nordic Walking poles can increase engagement and interest among participants, helping to spread the message of outdoor activities, inclusion, and sustainability.

Benefits for Communities 🌄👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  • Accessible Physical Activity: The initiative makes physical activity, particularly Nordic Walking, more accessible to local communities in Spain and Bulgaria. This is particularly important for people who may have fewer opportunities to participate in sports activities.

  • Social Inclusion: Nordic Walking is an activity that can engage people of all ages and abilities. Communities can experience social inclusion through physical activity, building connections and promoting well-being.

  • Health Benefits: Nordic Walking is known for its health benefits, including improved endurance, strength, and overall well-being. Communities involved can enjoy better physical and mental health.

  • Promotion of Sustainability: Using Nordic Walking as a means to explore and better understand their communities also promotes sustainability and environmental awareness, transforming urban and natural areas into spaces for physical activity and cultural knowledge.

Romacammina's initiative to send custom Nordic Walking poles to Portugal and Bulgaria for the "Walk Around" project represents a significant step toward a more active, inclusive, and sustainable European community. Sports associations and the communities involved will benefit from high-quality tools, promotion of Nordic Walking, and increased engagement in physical activity, social inclusion, and the environment. This initiative demonstrates that Nordic Walking is not just a sport but a means to unite people and enhance the quality of life in communities. 🌟🌲🏆


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