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Sustainability Unveiled: Empowering the Future of Nordic Walking

At the heart of our project lies a commitment to sustainability, rooted in the core mission of equipping new associations and coaches with the tools to leverage Nordic walking as a catalyst for building innovative outdoor activities with the integration of digital tools.

Open Data for All: The sustainability of our project is evident in our primary intention to leave behind tools that enable new associations and coaches to harness the potential of Nordic walking. The project's website and all outputs will be available in open data format, accessible to all free of charge.

Project Outputs and Potential Utilization: Let's delve into the list of project outputs and their potential applications.

  1. Project Website with Results: The project website will host comprehensive information and results, serving as a valuable resource for anyone interested.

  2. Infographic on Outdoor and Indoor Sports: This infographic can be shared on social networks or displayed at association headquarters or during educational events.

  3. Carousel Post with 10 Images: Ideal for sharing on major social networks, this carousel promotes outdoor sports, outlining benefits for sports associations and the community.

  4. PDF Describing Three Multidisciplinary Outdoor Activities: This document can be used as a guide for replicating activities by sports associations, informal groups, youth associations, or as inspiration to create new multidisciplinary outdoor activities.

  5. 5 Video Tutorials on Nordic Walking Basics: Instructors and enthusiasts alike can utilize these tutorials to grasp the fundamentals of Nordic walking.

  6. 8 Videos on Nordic Walking Techniques: Designed for both instructors and learners, these videos cover warm-up, strength training, cool-down, and stretching exercises.

  7. Urban Nordic Workout Reportage: A valuable resource for promoting urban Nordic walking and planning new activities, fostering community awareness of sports, outdoor activities, and the fusion of sports and local history.

  8. Green Nordic Workout Reportage: This reportage serves as a promotional tool for green Nordic walking, inspiring the creation of new activities and raising community awareness about sports, outdoor activities, and a green approach to life.

  9. 10 URBAN and GREEN NORDIC WALKING Routes with Matching Playlists: Accessible to anyone in the specified locations, these routes and playlists can be personalized and added by users, creating a dynamic map on the project website.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the project's duration, ensuring that its impact reverberates through communities, associations, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Let's stride into a sustainable future with Nordic walking as our guide.

Don't forget to click here to download the results and to watch all the videos we made for you!!


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