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Under Pressure: Unlocking the Potential of Young Athletes

Welcome to the "Under Pressure" blog, where we delve into a project dedicated to combating sports burnout in young athletes. We tackle the phenomenon of "Youth Sports Dropout" and strive to create a healthy and stimulating sports environment where young individuals can develop their skills without succumbing to excessive pressure.

The world of youth sports is captivating and full of potential, yet young athletes often find themselves facing overwhelming pressures that erode their enthusiasm. In our journey through the "Under Pressure" project, we will explore the roots of this phenomenon and present concrete solutions to reverse the trend.

UP is a project co funded by the European Union.

The Phenomenon of Youth Sports Dropout:

According to Eurobarometer 2022 data, over half of young people regularly engage in sports. However, during the crucial adolescence phase, many abandon sports or continue without genuine enthusiasm. This phenomenon, known as "Youth Sports Dropout," is the starting point of our project.

Combatting the "Win at All Costs" Mentality:

We have identified a significant cause of this decline in sports enthusiasm: the excessive pressure stemming from the culture of "winning at all costs." In our blog, we will analyze how this detrimental approach can deprive young athletes of the fun and motivations necessary to thrive.

Innovative Solutions:

The heart of our project lies in proposing innovative solutions. We have experimented with new training approaches that are fun, interesting, and tailored to the age and maturity level of each teenager. Coaches are promoters of positivity, focused on personal growth and building self-esteem.

Involvement of Parents:

We recognize the key role of parents as influencers of their children's sports experiences. In the blog, we will explore how to educate parents to support their children without exerting excessive pressure, thereby contributing to a healthier sports environment.

The "Under Pressure" Method:

The blog will closely follow the development of our "Under Pressure" method, designed to address the issue of youth sports burnout. We will present details, share experiences from our transnational meeting, and engage the community in the evolution of the method.

Conclusions and Future Vision:

"Under Pressure" is more than a project; it is a mission to create a future where young athletes can fully enjoy sports without the burden of excessive expectations. We share success stories, overcome challenges, and continue to explore how our project can inspire positive changes in the world of youth sports.

Follow us on this "Under Pressure" journey and join our mission to unlock the potential of young athletes!


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