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To gather Together - TGT - Project

To gather Together (TGT) is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

TGT is a Small Scale Partnership project led by the Italian sports organisation A.S.D. Evoluzione e Benessere in collaboration with VŠĮ Sportukime Kartu (Lithuania); Club de Gimnastica La Mina Gervasio Deffer (Spain); Club Atlètico de Queluz (Portugal).

Together for...?

We believe in Gender Equality in Sports.

We want to fight Gender Stereotypes in the sports environment by disseminating our TO GATHER TOGETHER method.

TGT METHOD will help you as a sports organisation or as a trainer to fight to promote Gender Equality in your organisation or your training group sessions.

Gender stereotypes and sexism represent a severe limitation to achieving effective gender equality: equal rights for women and men in all spheres of public and private life. They also fuel various forms of hate speech (online and offline) and discrimination based on factors such as ethnicity, age, social class, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or sexuality.

The exact reasons why they are responsible in the context of gender motivations and sexism, precisely because they recognise a role for women in the context of respect for the dominant position of men, can also create a context of justifications for women and violence against women and are: currently 55% of women in the EU have experienced sexual harassment and, compared to men, a woman is more likely to experience sexual harassment online: 33% of women in the EU have experienced violence physical and; 22% of women in the EU have experienced violence by their partner. (Data published in March 2020 by the European Commission).

Stereotypes, socially attributed gender roles and power dynamics generate imbalances in family management and less female access to schooling, work, and career. But also the perception of usefulness for the problem, with many men and women internalising the socially attributed roles and perceiving the battle for gender equality as unnecessary, an exaggeration or a distraction from the "real problems". In reality, gender stereotypes underlie the gender gap at all levels of our society. In fact, in confirmation of this, according to what the European Commission reported in the factsheet of the Gender Equality strategy 2020-2025.


At the level of personal fulfilment in society and the economy, currently, on average:

Women's pensions are 30.1% lower than men's; the hourly wage of women in the EU is 16% lower than that of men; only 67% of women in the EU are in employment, compared to 78% of men; women do 75% of unpaid care and domestic work.

In the field of Leadership are currently women: only 2% of programmers of artificial intelligence; 39% of the Members of the European Parliament; 7.5% of the chairmen of the boards of directors; 7.7% of the managing directors.


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