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2° TRANSNATIONAL MEETING - Rome 2-4 February 2023

The tansnational meeting of the TO GATHER TOGETHER project took place in Rome from 2 to 4 February 2023. Thanks to the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, the associations ASD Evolution and Wellness; VŠĮ Sportukime Kartu; Club Atletico de Queluz; Club de Gimnastica La Mina - Gervasio Deffer had the opportunity to learn some basic information on the project theme and to learn how to plan a training intervention to promote gender equality and become its Ambassador.

First, a distinction was made between some important theoretical bases, making the participants more aware of the project theme. Among these, we mention:

Stereotypes: a stereotype is a simplified idea or image of a particular person. Stereotypes do not allow us to know the extraordinary uniqueness of people and are, therefore, prejudices;

gender identity VS sexual orientation: the first is the inner feeling of belonging to the male or female gender; the second is the emotional, romantic and sexual attraction towards individuals of the opposite, same or both sexes;

gender stereotype is a generalized view or preconception about characteristics that women and men possess or the roles that should be performed. Gender stereotyping can limit the development of women's and men's natural talents and abilities.

Subsequently, during the meeting, the focus was on allowing participants to become Ambassadors of Gender Equality in sports. Being Ambassador means deciding to share and transfer your skills, enabling others to replicate the impact and contaminate new associations with your skills. The Ambassadors of Gender Equality in sport inform, inspire, and support actions promoting gender equality in their sports communities and the communities with which they come into contact. Anyone can become an ambassador.

The benefits for an ambassador were also shown: recognition by your community, access to a local and European network of Gender Equality Ambassadors in sport, use of TGT brand materials, opportunities to gain visibility for your action, the chance to carry out consultancies to sports associations and coaches, promoting gender equality while allowing them to create more inclusive places.

The main objective of the Ambassador of Gender Equality in Sport is to raise public and social awareness

on the theme of gender equality in sports practices and contribute to the training of responsible actors.

The Ambassador of Gender Equality in Sport must train other people to organize sports activities promoting

gender equality achievement in the sports group they are responsible for.

In the process of training future coaches, it is necessary to start by sharing the importance of the adopted method and its strengths; to define how the technique can be applied in the reference context (depending on the type of sport, the number of boys/girls involved, available resources); to design, together with future trainers, a practical intervention involving boys and girls, practically demonstrating how gender equality can be promoted in sport.

At this point, the participants learned how to organize an intervention promoting gender equality in sports groups. We try to summarize in these steps:

Analyze the current state of gender equality in the group for which you are responsible;

Analyze the group's strengths and weaknesses, objectively assessing the situation of each participant;

Create strategic plans consistent with the sports practices of the target group (team sport, individual, etc.);

Establish Miles Stones to assess both group and individual progress;

Analyze the group's characteristics and working conditions to prepare more effective physical activities, considering available resources and constraints and avoiding risky situations and behaviours;

Develop creative solutions to implement concepts, ideas, and activities revolving around gender equality issues in all sports.

The meeting concluded with an attempt by the participants to organize an intervention promoting gender equality in a sports group, using the information provided during the session and following the steps shown above.


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