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Successful Closure of the Just People Project: Reflection on the Final Online Meeting

June 14, 2023 marks a significant milestone for the Just People project, an initiative supported by the European Union's Erasmus+ program. On this date, the Final Online Meeting was held, providing an extraordinary opportunity for all project partners to come together to reflect on the journey and share the achievements. The meeting was a moment of celebration and evaluation of a vital initiative aimed at combating discrimination against LGBTIQ+ individuals in the world of sports.

The Just People project commenced with an online Kick-off meeting on September 23, 2022, during which the project's goals and the challenges faced by the LGBTIQ+ community in sports were presented. In the months that followed, the participating associations worked diligently, preparing Local Preparatory Meetings and addressing specific topics that would be shared at the subsequent Big Transnational Meeting, held in Rome in February 2023.

During the Final Online Meeting, the project partners reviewed the accomplishments. Among these, the creation of an informative website, an advocacy campaign aimed at raising public awareness about discrimination in sports, a policy paper reflecting the official position of the involved associations on these critical issues, and a kit of guides and carousels promoting equality and inclusion in sports stood out.

One of the most significant aspects highlighted during the final meeting was the success of the Local Preparatory Meetings. Each participating association delved deep into two specific topics, contributing to the collective knowledge pool that was shared during the Big Transnational Meeting. This approach allowed for extensive knowledge sharing and a collective construction of understanding, strengthening the collective commitment to promoting equality in sports.

Furthermore, the Just People project demonstrated alignment with the objectives of the 'European Union Work Plan for Sport 2021-2024,' emphasizing a range of crucial themes. These include creating a safe environment in sports to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination, using sports as an educational tool to promote tolerance and inclusion, and developing skills in the sports sector for coaches and staff through the sharing of best practices.

During the Final Online Meeting, the partners also discussed the results achieved through the advocacy campaign, which played a crucial role in raising public awareness about the importance of inclusion in the world of sports. This was a significant step in promoting change and combating discrimination.

In conclusion, the Just People project has been an extraordinary success. Thanks to the collaboration between associations from various parts of Europe, significant progress has been made in the fight against discrimination in sports. The Final Online Meeting was a moment of celebration and reflection on how to continue promoting equality and inclusion in the world of sports. Its conclusion marks only the beginning of a lasting commitment to creating a more welcoming and respectful environment for LGBTIQ+ individuals in the sports context.


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