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🌍 Empowering Change: EVEN(t)4US and Erasmus+ Priorities 🌈

At the heart of the "even(t) for us" project lies a profound commitment to the Erasmus+ priorities, steering our efforts towards fostering inclusion, diversity, and addressing overarching societal challenges. Let's delve into how our project aligns with these pivotal priorities:

Inclusion and Diversity: Bridging Gaps, Building Bridges Our project is a response to the Erasmus+ priority of Inclusion and Diversity, aiming to reach participants from diverse social backgrounds, particularly those facing fewer opportunities and limited access to sports activities. 🌐 By ensuring accessibility and inclusivity, we actively engage participants with fewer opportunities in decision-making processes through innovative governance methods involving all project partners. The sports activities within the project employ innovative engagement strategies to connect with youth from diverse backgrounds, including those from remote/rural areas or with a migratory background. Our project endeavors to amplify youth involvement and active engagement, ensuring a plurality of voices in all activities. It particularly addresses the gender gap in sports, aligning with the European Union's commitment to gender equality in sports, as outlined in the "Libro bianco sullo sport" and the "European Union Work Plan for Sport."

Environmental Sustainability: Nurturing Change Agents In response to the Erasmus+ priority of Environment and the fight against climate change, our project aims to instill a sense of responsibility for environmental sustainability. 🌱 Through sports activities, communication strategies, governance choices, and management methods, we foster behavioral changes in individual preferences, consumption habits, and lifestyles. A designated sustainability officer within our team will oversee and promote processes and choices in the direction of environmental sustainability. Recognizing the responsibility towards the environment during large-scale events, our project emphasizes the need for sustainable practices in event hosting.

Digital Transformation: Embracing the Future of Sports Our project actively promotes the integration of digital technologies in sports, contributing to the digital transformation outlined in the Erasmus+ priorities. 💻 By teaching and involving participants in the creation of tools for active sports participation, we seek to promote skills in digital tool usage, including accessible technologies. From communication and documentation to training and event participation, the project utilizes digital tools to harness the full potential of the digital realm.

Common Values, Civic Engagement, and Participation: Building Active Citizens Our project aligns with the Erasmus+ priority of Common Values, Civic Engagement, and Participation. It supports active citizenship, fostering the development of social and intercultural skills and critical thinking. 🌍 Through non-formal learning activities, the project promotes social and civic engagement, encouraging a sense of European identity and belonging to EU values. Our ambition is to contribute to the implementation of the key strategic document "European Union Work Plan for Sport 2021-2024," addressing the priority sector of Protecting the integrity and values of sports, particularly the Key Issue of Gender Equality.

As we forge ahead, our project seeks to play a pivotal role in dismantling barriers and promoting equality in sports governance. We are determined to be a catalyst for positive change, embodying the values of Erasmus+ in every step of our journey.

🌈 EVEN(t)4US Team 🌟


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