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"BULL...SH!" Project Gathers Momentum: Transnational Meeting in Rome Promises Insightful Discussions

Exciting news is on the horizon as Rome gets ready to host the first-ever "BULL...SH!" project meeting from October 11th to 14th. This gathering will bring together all the project partners for an important initiative that blends sports and efforts to stop bullying.

The main goal of the meeting is to help everyone understand bullying and its connection to the world of sports. It's a chance for us to share ideas and work together to make sports environments more welcoming for everyone.

Here are some key things we'll be focusing on:

Understanding Bullying: We'll dive into what bullying is and look at the latest data to understand how common it is in Europe. This information will help us come up with effective ways to stop it.

Different Types of Bullying: Bullying comes in many forms, like being mean in person or online. We'll explore these different types so we can better tackle the challenges they bring.

Getting to Know Bullies: Bullies can be different from one another, and understanding their personalities and motivations is essential to finding solutions.

The Psychology of Bullying: We'll look into why people bully and how it affects both the person being bullied and the one doing the bullying.

Sports Bringing People Together: A big part of our discussion will be about how sports can bring people together and make everyone feel included. We'll share examples of how sports can create communities where everyone feels like they belong.

As we talk and share ideas, this meeting will help us create useful materials and resources. These will help people understand more about bullying and how we can make sports a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

The "BULL...SH!" project is a cool way to take on bullying, using the power of sports to make positive changes. With partners from different backgrounds coming together in Rome, this meeting promises to be a hub of ideas and strategies to stop bullying and make sure sports are fun for everyone. Keep an eye out for more updates as this awesome project unfolds!


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