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"BULL...SH! - A Revolutionary eBook to Combat Bullying in Sports Associations"

Dear readers and supporters of the BULL...SH! project,

We are thrilled to present to you the culmination of our collective effort: the BULL...SH! eBook. An innovative and comprehensive method to combat bullying in sports associations. This project has been co-funded by the European Union and involves sports associations from different parts of Europe: ASD TUFELLO COMBAT and ETNA from Italy, A.T.I.C. from Romania, and VSL KARTU from Lithuania.

A Deeper Look into the Content:

Chapter 1: Bullying, Forms, and Dynamics This chapter lays the groundwork for an in-depth understanding of bullying. From defining and framing the phenomenon to exploring the psychological dynamics of the protagonists, we delve into every aspect of the issue. The chapter concludes by emphasizing the importance of prevention as a key strategy.

Chapter 2: Sport, a Tool for Inclusion Focusing on the power of sports as a vehicle for social inclusion, we examine the crucial role that sports associations can play in fostering the inclusion of vulnerable groups. We illustrate how a good coach can be much more than just a teacher of sports skills, becoming a role model for young athletes.

Chapter 3: Tools for Coaches This chapter is dedicated to coaches, providing them with practical tools to address bullying within sports groups. From understanding the adolescent developmental phase to exploring punitive approaches and introducing the revolutionary BULL...SH! approach as a positive alternative.

The BULL...SH! Project: A Transnational Journey Our eBook is not just a product but the result of an engaging process. Through two transnational activities in Rome and Bucharest, members of the involved associations participated in training sessions, roundtable discussions, and group work. This collective effort has led to the creation of a comprehensive method, ready to be shared with the community.

Download the eBook and Spread Knowledge! The BULL...SH! eBook is available for free on our website. We invite you to download and use it freely within your sports associations. Share it with your coaches, parents, and young athletes so they can benefit from this innovative tool to combat bullying.

Together, we can make a difference and create an inclusive, respectful, and safe sports environment for everyone. Join us in promoting positive change through the BULL...SH! project.


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