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🇵🇹 PORTUGAL: Associação Desportiva Trampolimágico


The "DO" Dropping On project aims to counter voluntary disengagement from sports activities during adolescence, focusing on an inclusive approach and the development of open environments. Led by the sports association ASD SPARTA CALCIO, the project addresses the various risk factors associated with disengagement, whether related to the context or the individual. Psycho-social distress and social isolation, common among adolescents, are addressed to promote adaptation and social inclusion.

The project's approach is based on inclusion, encouraging sports as a means of connection between young people from diverse backgrounds and contexts. Operators, such as sports associations and educators, receive appropriate tools to prevent and manage adolescent distress, promoting inclusion and the appreciation of individual differences. Good practices of accessible sports are encouraged, involving those facing socio-economic challenges, migration issues, or residing in remote areas.

The project benefits from the collaboration of organizations such as ASD SPARTA CALCIO, an example of inclusion through sports, Associação Desportiva Trampolimágico from Portugal, specialises in inclusive sports and recreational activities, and EUPRAGIA, a non-profit urban society focused on sports development and national and international collaborations.

Furthermore, the project aims to raise awareness in society on topics such as the environment, energy saving, consumption habits, nutrition, health, and road safety. With a broad vision, EUPRAGIA participates in programs for the integration of social groups at risk of economic and cultural exclusion, contributing to social solidarity.

Overall, the "DO" Dropping On project aims to create an inclusive environment through sports, promoting the social and economic well-being of the involved communities.




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