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First transnational meeting in Rome

From January 31st to February 2nd, 2024, Rome hosted a significant European event thanks to the Erasmus+ program, co-funded by the European Union: the Kick-Off Meeting of the "Dropping On" project. This meeting marked the first step of a transnational collaboration between the sports associations Sparta Calcio (Italy), Eufpragia (Greece), and Trampoli Magico (Portugal), a crucial moment for coordination and the beginning of the project's activities.

The inaugural day was characterized by an atmosphere full of excitement and expectations. Gathered in a conference room, participants kicked off the proceedings with welcoming remarks and presentations from the participating associations. The overall project framework was outlined, with a special focus on the objectives to be achieved and the importance of coaches' roles in the educational context.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to workshops and training sessions aimed at raising awareness among coaches about the importance of their educational role. Industry experts shared inspiring stories and practical experiences, highlighting the transformative potential coaches can have in the lives of young athletes. Discussions touched on crucial topics such as leadership, empathy, and effective communication.

The second day began with an in-depth exploration of adolescence as a critical phase of development. Through interactive presentations and roundtable discussions, participants delved into the challenges and opportunities presented by this stage of life, discussing practical strategies to support young athletes in their personal and athletic growth.

In the afternoon, the focus shifted to the development of practical and theoretical resources for sports associations. Participants shared experiences and best practices, thoroughly examining topics such as the implementation of effective mentoring programs and the organization of community events to actively engage youth.

The morning of the final day was dedicated to innovation in sports activities. Through practical workshops and brainstorming sessions, participants explored new training methods and youth engagement approaches, aiming to make sports more accessible and stimulating for the younger generation.

Between sessions, participants had the opportunity to socialize and build lasting bonds. Break times were enriched by informal exchanges of ideas and experiences, contributing to the consolidation of support networks and collaboration among participating associations and sharing the opportunities offered by the European Union.

The Kick-Off Meeting of the "Dropping On" project in Rome was a moment of unity and growth for European youth sports. Through engaging workshops, interactive training sessions, and informal exchanges, participants shared knowledge, experiences, and hopes for the future, laying the groundwork for significant innovation and lasting change in youth sports. With this initial step taken, we prepare to tackle the upcoming meetings with the same determination, aiming to achieve the project's set objectives.


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