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🇵🇹 PORTUGAL: Clube Açoriano de Trail, Triatlo e Turismo


The realm of sports catalyzes a myriad of professional opportunities, extending beyond the conventional roles of athletes, coaches, and referees. It encompasses a diverse array of positions that contribute to the allure and richness of the sports industry. In addition to technical roles, there are opportunities for individuals in management, event organization, journalism, videography, communication management, photography, planning, psychology, healthcare, and various social roles. Notably, the underrepresentation of women in these professions calls for a concerted effort to reverse this trend and create an inclusive environment. We aim to make the sports sector an appealing career choice for both young men and women.

ASD CASALOTTI is dedicated to advancing this cause, drawing inspiration from its own experiences and the positive impact witnessed. The project unfolds in two pivotal phases:

PHASE 1: SPORTS EVENT MANAGEMENT TRAINING This phase concentrates on equipping individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in sports event management. Training programs will cover a spectrum of areas, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in organizing successful sports events. Emphasis will be placed on inclusivity and gender parity, ensuring equal opportunities for all aspiring professionals.

PHASE 2: CREATION OF THE SPORTS EVENT Following the training phase, participants will actively engage in the creation and execution of a sports event. This hands-on experience will serve as a platform for individuals to apply their acquired skills and showcase their talents. ASD CASALOTTI is committed to providing a supportive environment that encourages diversity and the active participation of both genders.

Through this two-phase initiative, we aspire to not only elevate the proficiency of professionals in the sports industry but also contribute to breaking down gender barriers. By fostering a more inclusive landscape, we aim to make a lasting impact on the perception of sports as a viable and attractive career path for the youth, regardless of gender.

5 Young participants from Italy, 5 young participants from Bulgaria, and 5 young participants from Azzorre will have the chance to attend a training course and will be involved in the implementation of an outdoor sports event!




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