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WOOF project is starting!

Welcome to the kickoff blog post of the WOOF Project! 🚀 Funded by the European Union and led by the enthusiastic ASD Centro Cinofilo Casalotti in Italy, WOOF is here to revolutionize the sports industry, making it more inclusive and diverse. Let's dive into the project's exciting objectives, amazing partnerships, and the transformative journey awaiting sports enthusiasts like you!

Project Overview: WOOF, aka "when outdoor open future" acknowledges that sports is more than just players on the field. Our vision is a future where everyone can find fulfilling careers in various sports-related fields. From event management to journalism, healthcare, and social roles – WOOF is opening doors and breaking gender barriers.


🇵🇹 PORTUGAL: Clube Açoriano de Trail, Triatlo e Turismo


These amazing partnerships bring diverse perspectives and expertise, making WOOF a powerful force for change in the sports industry.

The sports industry is a dynamic platform for growth, and WOOF is ready to make the most of it. Beyond traditional roles, our project aims to create opportunities for all, irrespective of gender. We're on a mission to break down barriers and promote diversity in the sports arena.

Phase 1: Sports Event Management Training: 🚀 Ready for action! Our first phase focuses on equipping individuals with the skills needed for success in sports event management. Training programs cover various areas, emphasizing inclusivity and gender parity. Join us to ensure equal opportunities for all, and let's create a more diverse sports industry together!

Phase 2: Creation of the Sports Event: 🌐 Get ready to showcase your talents! Following the training phase, participants actively engage in creating and executing a sports event. ASD CASALOTTI is committed to providing a supportive environment that encourages diversity and the active participation of both genders. Break stereotypes and join us on this hands-on journey!

The WOOF Project is about transforming perceptions and creating a lasting impact on the sports industry. 🌈 By fostering inclusivity, gender parity, and diversity, we aspire to make sports an attractive and viable career path for everyone.

Join us on this transformative journey, and stay tuned for updates! Follow our progress, and soon, we'll be sharing our incredible results. 📈 Don't miss out – let's redefine the game together! 🌟 #WOOFProject #EmpowerFutures #SportsRevolution #Erasmus+


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