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M9P3 Project: Empowering Pregnant Women Through Innovative Exercise Programs

Erasmus+ Initiative Aims to Combat Postpartum Depression and Promote Physical Activity During Pregnancy

CAVE, ROME - The M9P3 project, supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, held its inaugural face-to-face meeting in Rome from February 18 to 20, 2023. This collaborative effort brought together three associations, ASD ConcettoDanza, VŠĮ Sportukime Kartu, and Club Atlético de Queluz, to explore tools for sports associations to promote education on the benefits of sports for women during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The project also aimed to develop recreational sports activities specifically designed to combat postpartum depression.

The working day took place at the headquarters of ConcettoDanza in Cave, where the participating associations presented their findings and experiences. The attendees were then divided into groups to develop innovative exercise programs for pregnant women in two different contexts: those who prefer to exercise at home independently and those who are open to attending the gym with professional guidance.

In order to foster creativity and concentration, the groups initially worked separately. After completing the exercise development phase, the groups reconvened to present their ideas to each other, seeking feedback and suggestions for improvement. Once the exercises were refined, the groups filmed them to amplify the reach of the project and assist pregnant women who may be unable to engage in physical activity.

The group focused on home-based exercises devised six videos showcasing flexibility, aerobic, and resistance exercises. These videos aim to empower pregnant women who prefer to exercise alone at home, encouraging them to remain active throughout their pregnancy. Conversely, the second group concentrated on exercises that require the guidance of a professional trainer. They aimed to incorporate these exercises into sports association programs, offering pregnant women the opportunity to engage in physical activities with expert support.

Following the video recordings, the participants reviewed and selected the most effective exercises to share on their social media platforms and websites. By doing so, they hope to become advocates for innovative training methods that can help women combat postpartum depression. Engaging in physical activity during pregnancy not only supports women during this challenging period but also facilitates connection and camaraderie among individuals facing similar circumstances.

To provide widespread access to the exercises and footage created during the project, all materials will be available on the official project website. By offering a comprehensive resource, the M9P3 project aims to promote the importance of physical activity during pregnancy and empower women to prioritize their well-being.

This groundbreaking initiative signifies a crucial step forward in raising awareness about the benefits of exercise for pregnant women and combating postpartum depression. Through the dedication of the participating associations and the support of the Erasmus+ Programme, the M9P3 project is set to make a positive impact on the lives of countless women.


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