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M9P3 - 2ND!

The project took place in Rome in the beginning of autumn 2023. With the support of the European Union's Erasmus+ Programme, this gathering brought together the associations ASD ConcettoDanza, VŠĮ Sportukime Kartu, and Club Atlético de Queluz, aiming to promote the importance of social inclusion and physical activity for pregnant women to combat postpartum depression.

The meeting began with a recap of the project's previous steps, harking back to the first meeting held in Cave in February 2023. During that initial gathering, the partner associations dedicated substantial efforts to create innovative exercise sessions tailored for pregnant women who prefer to work out independently at home or those who opt for the guidance of an instructor at a gym.

At this juncture, participants had the long-awaited opportunity to review the outcomes of months of hard work. Videos of specially designed exercises for pregnant women were showcased. The first set of videos targeted women who wished to exercise independently at home, featuring a variety of flexibility, aerobic, and strength exercises. These videos serve as a valuable resource for women seeking to remain active during pregnancy without leaving their homes.

The second set of videos focused on exercises to be performed with the guidance of a fitness instructor. Finally, tutorials and explanations related to pregnant women and sports were projected, aligning with the four phases identified during project planning: Phase 1, pregnancy; Phase 2, post-pregnancy; Phase 3, interaction; Phase 4, separation.

These videos were created with the specific purpose of being integrated into the programs of sports associations, aiming to encourage a large number of pregnant women not to abandon physical activity and to help them understand that they are not alone in experiencing depression during and after childbirth.

These videos represent a valuable resource for pregnant women, offering them a practical and safe guide to staying active. Promoting social inclusion and mental health among pregnant women is crucial in combating postpartum depression, a serious issue that can affect many new mothers.

The second meeting of the M9P3 project marked another significant step toward achieving its set objectives. The partner associations continue to tirelessly disseminate these valuable videos and promote the importance of physical activity during pregnancy. This project serves as a tangible example of how sports can become a valuable ally in promoting the health and social inclusion of pregnant women. The collaborative efforts of all involved parties demonstrate how unity can lead to meaningful and positive outcomes for the entire community.


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