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egd story

ConcettoDanza is a sports association located in the heart of a small town in the province of Rome. Cave is a small urban center populated by many families. Many inhabitants are the elderly people who everyday take care of their grandchildren, to allow young parents to work.


Because of this, they stay away from the depression and loneliness that often invades retired people. ConcettoDanza, every day welcomes numerous boys and girls of all ages to its dance school.

One day the grandparents of the dance students of ConcettoDanza ask Paola Cocchia and Alessandra D’Attilia, (respectively the responsible for administration and the president of the association) to plan a new sports activity suitable for them. A couple of days per week, they use to take their nephews to the dance school and they remain to wait for the end of the lessons without doing anything.


So the teachers of the dance school decide to elaborate and propose an event of Grandparents-nephews recreational-sporting activity. The event was amazing and successful!


During an extraordinary meeting carried out to evaluate the activity was established that the event must absolutely be transformed into a more constant activity.

Benefits of the Extreme Generations Dance

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle for older people

  • Promote the participation and social inclusion of older people

  • Promote a generational exchange by strengthening the relationship between present, past and future

  • Increase the sense of community

  • Increase the proposal in terms of sports activities for the community

  • Increase job opportunities for instructors

  • Increase active participation in the association by involving new members

  • Set up a new working method

  • Participate in a European call, thus offering its community new opportunities


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