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The second meeting of the project funded by the European Commission, "TSP," unfolded as a vibrant intersection of ideas, experiences, and collaboration in Sofia from November 29 to December 1, 2023. Bringing together the associations ASD TDK ROSIGNANO (Italy), SPORTSROOM (Bulgaria), and CLUBE DESPORTIVO DA ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA MIGUEL TORGA (Portugal), the event focused on three fundamental pillars: conflict management, emotional intelligence, and the creation of an advocacy campaign for young people at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

Lesson 1: Conflict Management:

The initial session provided an in-depth analysis of conflict management, a pivotal element for the success of the "TSP" project. Through practical examples and case studies, participants gained essential skills to identify, address, and resolve conflicts constructively. Interactive sessions facilitated the sharing of perspectives and collaborative problem-solving.

Lesson 2: Emotional Intelligence:

The second lesson concentrated on emotional intelligence as a tool to enhance group dynamics. Experts guided participants in exploring emotional awareness, emotion management, and empathy. Through practical exercises, participants developed skills promoting effective communication and the strengthening of interpersonal bonds.

Lesson 3: Creation of an Advocacy Campaign:

The third lesson addressed the design and implementation of an advocacy campaign aligned with the goals of the "TSP" project. From the basics of strategic planning to the creation of persuasive messages, participants explored crucial steps for a successful campaign. The practical approach allowed them to immediately apply the knowledge acquired.

Practical Activity: Advocacy Video Campaign:

Following the theoretical sessions, enthusiasm escalated with the practical activity of recording an advocacy video campaign. Participants, grouped in intercultural teams, collaborated to translate ideas into engaging visual messages. This phase stimulated creativity, cooperation, and yielded tangible results contributing to the dissemination of the project's objectives.

The second meeting of the "TSP" project in Sofia marked a significant step forward in transnational collaboration. The combination of theoretical learning and practical activities not only solidified participants' skills but also fostered a deeper understanding of common objectives. The joint commitment of ASD TDK ROSIGNANO, SPORTSROOM, and CLUBE DESPORTIVO DA ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA MIGUEL TORGA continued in this second meeting to transform project ideas into concrete actions, positively promoting the mission and values of "TSP" and the European Union.

All project results and meeting activities can be found in the deliverables section of the website.


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