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The Age of Sport: TAS Project Paves the Way for Inclusive Senior Sports

Co-finded by the European Union, TAS is a project led by the italian association ASD ROMACAMMINA... and it's starting!

In an era where the global population is rapidly aging, the TAS project, led by ROMACAMMINA in collaboration with partners from Italy, Portugal, and Bulgaria, emerges as a beacon advocating for the active involvement of older adults in sports. With the primary goal of educating sports associations, coaches, and trainers about the crucial role of sports for seniors, TAS addresses specific objectives like spreading knowledge, promoting the physical, psychological, and social benefits of sports, and empowering sports professionals with tools to engage older adults.

Understanding the Challenge: Europe is witnessing a demographic shift, and as the population ages, there is a significant gap in sports participation among older adults. Studies reveal that a considerable portion of the elderly seldom or never engage in sports or exercise. Recognizing the implications of this trend, TAS focuses on identifying barriers to sports participation and devising strategies to promote the benefits of sports for seniors.

Inclusivity and Diversity: TAS places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, aiming to create a sports environment that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds. The project aligns with the Erasmus+ priority of Diversity and Inclusion, working towards promoting a culture that embraces people of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds. By fostering accessible sports practices, TAS aims to counteract ageism and social isolation experienced by the elderly.

Environmental Stewardship: The project acknowledges the potential of open spaces as natural "gyms." TAS promotes outdoor sports not only for physical well-being but also as a means to connect individuals with their surroundings. Through sports activities, communication strategies, and sustainable choices, the project encourages behavioral changes that contribute to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Digital Transformation: Recognizing the importance of digital technologies, TAS advocates for their integration into sports. By incorporating innovative, engaging, and cross-generational training methods, the project aims to equip sports professionals with digital skills. This approach facilitates more active participation in sports and promotes the use of digital tools for education and training.

Promoting Common Values and Civic Engagement: TAS goes beyond physical activity, supporting active citizenship and fostering social and intercultural skills. By encouraging non-formal learning activities, the project aims to strengthen critical thinking, media literacy, and a sense of European identity. Through outdoor sports activities designed for different European locations, TAS promotes shared values, unity in diversity, and cultural awareness.

Addressing Ageism: The TAS project aligns with the "European Union Work Plan for Sport 2021-2024" and collaborates with the World Health Organization to tackle ageism. Ageism, affecting both young and old, is addressed through legislative measures, educational activities promoting empathy, and the promotion of intergenerational relationships. The project envisions a world where older people are treated equitably, contributing to a society of health, well-being, and dignity for all.

Partner Organizations: The TAS project brings together diverse partner organizations - ROMACAMMINA (Italy), CLUB MIGUEL TORGA (Portugal), SPORTSROOM (Bulgaria), and ARTEDELCONTATTO (Italy). Despite varying characters and dimensions, these associations share a common goal of promoting sports, healthy living, and social inclusion. The international collaboration allows for the exchange of effective practices and viewpoints, fostering a sense of European citizenship at the local level.

"The Age of Sport" is not just a project; it's a movement advocating for the inclusion of seniors in sports. Through education, promotion, and collaboration, TAS aspires to create a more inclusive and diverse Europe, where sports become a bridge connecting generations and fostering a sense of belonging. By addressing ageism and embracing digital transformation, environmental sustainability, and civic engagement, TAS sets the stage for a sustainable and equitable future.


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