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PUNCH: how to save minors at risk

One year ago we started to plan our project... and now: here we are! Punch: How to save minors at risk is started.

There are many minors at risk of poverty and social exclusion. The consequences of youth poverty are many, including violence, early school drop out and an unstable future, with no quality jobs.

When the phenomenon affects a large part of the population, the whole society becomes weaker,poorer, and more insecure.

Sport is good and it can be the key.

Practicing sporting activity is important and has a significant influence on the development of young people: in physical, mental, social and moral areas. Thanks to sport, young people can develop autonomy, self-esteem and a good sense of collaboration.

Sport is a very important element in the formation of a young person, it represents one of the educational contexts in which the young person is formed: such as that of the family, school and peer groups.

We need to say a special thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union who selected our project from a lot of! We are going to produce a lot of tools in order to support other sports associations to promote the sport as a way to save minors at risk.

Stay tuned!


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